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Ways To Donate to Transforming Jail Ministries

                                     He who gives to the poor will lack nothing.  Proverbs 28:27

Generosity comes in all shapes, sizes and monetary amounts.

Appreciated Stock

Securities and mutual funds that have increased in value and have been held for more than one year are assists that can be used when making a gift to Transforming Jail Ministries. Making a gift of securities or mutuals funds to us offers you the chance to support our work while realizing important benefits for yourself. When you donate appreciated securities or mutual funds you have held for more than one year to us in support of our mission, you can reduce or even eliminate federal capital gains takes on the transfer. You are also entitled to a federal income tax charitable deduction based on the fair market value of the securities at the time of the transfer.


When you donate securities to TJM, you receive the same income tax savings that you would if you wrote us a check, but with the added benefit of eliminating capital gains taxes on the transfer, which can be as high as 20 percent. Making a gift of securities to support our mission is as easy as instructing your broker to transfer the shares or, if you have the physical securities, hand delivering or mailing the certificates along with a stock power to us in separate envelopes. Finally, we would appreciate it if you would let us know of your donation. Please include your name and the name and number of shares of the stock you donated so we can acknowledge your donation and provide the appropriate tax information to you. For privacy reason we will not receive word of our donation directly from Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. 


Shares may be transferred using the "Charitable Gift Transfer Letter of Authorization" available from your stock broker and transferred to:

Transforming Jail Ministries

Acct# 9655-7455

C/O Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.

Amanda Sawyers


4000 Smith Rd., Suite 1000

Cincinnati, Ohio 45209

DTC 0164



Additional Options 

Like many ministries, TJM serves many people who have needs that the larger community can easily fill.  Our organization is able to deliver a limited variety of materials to incarcerated men and women in Hamilton County, with the generous donations of community members. As well, we are able to train chaplains, clergy and worship teams through the monetary generosity of others.  Because TJM is a 501(c)3 organization, your donation is tax deductible.   After all, it all came from God.  It all belongs to Him.  We are simply the stewards.   How To Donate:    Mail your contribution to:

Transforming Jail Ministries
4015 Executive Park Dr., Suite 404
Cincinnati, OH  45241 

What Your Donation Provides:

  • Bibles - Anyone incarcerated who requests a Bible receives a copy of the complete Bible or New Testament.
  • Postage Stamps -- We encourage those incarcerated to maintain or resurrect a connection to family and loved ones by sending greeting cards for birthdays, holidays, Mother's Day and during illness. The cards are donated but require postage.
  • Reading Glasses - For many, jail is the first time they have stopped in a quiet moment to read or reflect, whether on the Word or a book.  We want to encourage that and provide both new and used reading glasses upon request.

  • Cookies At Christmas - This program has been in place since 1995.  Today, TJM provides cookies to roughly 1,800 incarcerated men and women and 300 Corrections Officers in the Hamilton County jail system. For more information about Cookies at Christmas, click here.

  • Training - For all the Hamilton County facilities, TJM provides chaplains and worship teams.  With your donations, we are able to increase this training and provide more resources to our incarcerated brothers and sisters.  For more information about TJM's Training Center, click here.

We can do what we do because of YOUR generosity. 

Thank you for your contribution to Transforming Jail Ministries.

Transforming Jail Ministries 4015 Executive Park Dr., Suite 404, Cincinnati, Ohio 45241-4016 ~ Phone: 513.794.9999    Fax: 513.984.1027 ~ contact@tjmi.org