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Financial Transparency

TJM is both a nonprofit and a ministry. We depend on financial contributions from our community in order to survive. All of our Board Members are volunteers and we operate with a small two-person staff, our Office Manager and our Director & CEO. Our paid employees are not getting rich with your donations, but instead of simply telling you that we want to be able to show you. Beginning with 2017, we will be publishing our year-end tax statements (990-EZ) on our website so that you are able to see our total income and expenses. 

At this time, a large portion of our budget goes into paying for payroll, not because we are not providing services in return, but because our services are provided by volunteers. Our employees are paid to ensure that volunteers have access to local facilities within Hamilton County and receive adequate training as mandated by federal, state, and local laws. As a result, we are able to reduce the burden on tax payers by providing our services and support local churches and faith communities by acting as the liaison in your stead with local government officials. 

As we seek to expand the scope of our ministry, we will need to expand our fundraising efforts. In 2018, we will be providing special edition Bibles to Hamilton Co. Sheriff Deputies as a token of appreciation from the community for their service. Additionally, we would like to see more consistency in reading materials offered to inmates. At the current time, we depend totally on donated books and Bibles, but many of our inmates are reading a Bible for the first time. We want to be able to provide literature that will support their journey and aid them in their reading. We cannot do this with our current budget. 

- 2017 990-EZ