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Measures 2011

We will document 15,000 prisoners and 2,500 volunteers worshiping together in the jails during 2011.  To do this we will rely on reports by Worship Teams submitted online and through the mail.

In 2011 we documented 11,695 prisoners worshiped with 2,332 volunteers.

We will measure prisoner satisfaction with the Worship Team ministry. Our goal is to average 4.0 out of 5.0 for each team/service (The score for each Worship Team that is measured after each service they lead) and for the overall Worship Team ministry for 2011. After the Worship Teams have departed, trained TJM volunteers will select random Worship Teams and ask 3 brief questions of the prisoners who attended services and record the results.

After a couple of months of always receiving ratings of 5.0 for each question, it seemed to us that we were not gathering helpful feedback.  Towards the end of the year we changed our evaluation form to ask different questions and this seems to be yielding somewhat more helpful feedback. However, on a1 to 5 scale we are still receiving only scores of only 5.0. We are seeing this a great affirmation of our presence, but not as helpful as the questions toward improving.

We will document 2,000 hours of service by members of our Adult Jail Chaplaincy Team resulting in at least 1500 prisoner contacts in 2010.  To do this we will use the sign in book in the chaplain's office at the Justice Center and reports submitted online, through the mail and placed in the bin at the chaplain's office in the Justice Center.   We will also review completed Inmate Request forms.

During 2011 we can document our volunteer chaplains spent 2,293 hours and they made 1,428 chaplaincy contacts in the Hamilton County jail facilities.

We will document that we will have a chaplain on scene within 1.5 hours of being requested for all death notifications.  TJM will record the time of such calls that come to us and will follow up with the chaplain who responded as to the time of their arrival at the facility where they were needed.  The goal is 100%.

Our response time was slightly over 1.5 hours on average and we achieved our goal of 100%

For all grief intervention requests, we will have a chaplain respond by the end of the day the request is made. To document the success of the TJM office will record the time of such calls that come to us and will follow up with the chaplain who responded and to the time of their arrival at the facility where they were needed.  The goal is 90 to 95%.

For all grief intervention requests we had a chaplain respond by the end of the day over 95% of the time.

We will score at least 4.5 out of 5.0 on trainings and orientations we offer.

Our average score for all TJM trainings and orientations was 4.68.

We will average 4.0 out of 5.0 on satisfaction response cards completed by corrections officers twice a year and corrections administration once a year.

Written evaluation did not occur. There was a sudden change in the Director of Corrections in July of 2011.  We did receive verbal affirmation from Sheriff Leis regarding our programs and services.

We will continue to reach out to surrounding counties to see how we might be helpful to their jail ministry programming.  We will begin with Clermont County.

We did speak with the leadership of the Clermont County jail ministry and with a corrections sergeant.  They were polite but the relationship did not develop beyond that. The person who coordinates the Butler County jail ministry attended our Adult Jail Chaplaincy training last fall and we have developed a relationship.  We have also worked with chaplains in Boone and Campbell counties. We help them care for prisoners in Hamilton County and they care for prisoners in their respective facilities we refer to them.