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Transforming Jail Ministries:  The People We Serve


God blesses those who realize their need for him, for the Kingdom of Heaven is given to them.  Matthew 5:3




At the base, our focus is on those individuals in jail--whether someone is incarcerated for a day or a year.  What we know, however, is that what we do doesn't happen in a vacuum. TJM is committed to serve whomever God places in our path along the way.




Our commitment is this: 

  1. We transform the very culture of the jail through our presence.

  2. We transform individual lives through our availability.

  3. We transform the quality of jail ministry through training, relationships and prayer. 

In working toward those goals, we are available to spend time with families as they move in and out of the correctional facilities.  We share in their prayers and answer any questions we can.

In serving the various facilities, we spend time with corrections officersThe work they do brings its own unique set of challenges and we avail ourselves to any security staff who seeks a listening ear.

In determining how to best function as an organization, we spend time with jail staff/administrationOur job descriptions may be different, but it all works best when we exploit our strengths.

TJM Worship TeamIn gathering information about other ministries and providing training, we serve the larger community, because issues of incarceration touch us all. 


As we do what we do at TJM, the circle widens and transformation takes place. 

 All because of people


All with God's grace