CCV, AJC, and WT Badge Information

Clergy Contact, Adult Jail Chaplain, and Worship Team badges are produced at the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office, in the South Building of the Justice Center. The entrance to the South Building is labeled Courtrooms A & B. You will go through the metal detectors and walk to the end of the hallway past both courtrooms. The Sheriff’s Office is just behind the roped off area that says “authorized personnel only”.

Worship Team Badges:

Each Worship Team should have enough people credentialed (with a badge) so that each time the team arrives to worship at a jail facility, at least one member present has a badge in order to escort the team inside. Each Worship Team leader should be credentialed, along with one other team member. It is the Worship Team Leader's responsibility to determine the most appropriate amount of badges necessary to ensure a credentialed member can be present each week. In no instance should every member of a team have a Worship Team badge. Worship Team badges will only be issued to those for whom we have update to dated paperwork, including background check, and have been designated by their Worship Team leader. 

Badge Information:

  • Badges are produced Monday - Friday. No weekend hours are available.

  • Time slots: 9:45 - 10:15 a.m. or 2:15 - 2:45 p.m.

  • A valid driver's license or other photo identification must be produced to verify identity.

  • There is no charge for a badge

  • If you have any questions about badges, call Transforming Jail Ministries at 513-794-9999. Do not call the Sheriff's Office.

If you are clergy and want this indicated on your Worship Team badge, you are required to show documentation verifying your clergy status. (Preferred documents: Licenses to Solemnize Marriages, Ordination Certificate, or other official church/denominational identification.  Business cards are not sufficient.) When renewing your Worship Team badge you will be expected to surrender your expired badge at the time the new badge is produced.

If you lose your badge you must first call the Transforming Jail Ministries office and notify us.  We will notify security and consult with you about a replacement.  To secure a replacement badge you will need a current set of approved paper work on file with us and you will have to take a letter with you to the Sheriff's Dept. when you go to have your new badge made.  It should say that you lost your badge, that is why you are coming to have a new badge produced at this time, and are therefore unable to surrender your current identification in exchange.  You should also sign and date the letter.